Bio Farm

Completely natural and organic

Organic Produce

The Mas Miró Bio Farm is a working organic farm with accommodation.

Please come and stay for a fascinating, educative and entertaining time - and maybe more!

You can also come here to get the finest organically grown chillies and vegetables.

At the bio farm chillies and other vegetables are grown organically using Japanese EM techniques (Effective Micro-Organisms).

Ricardo Chiliman was featured in a segment on TV España 1 see the video

Ricard attends shows and exposés with his chillis, supplying many restaurants and shops throughout Spain including the famous Bocaria market in Barcelona and Diágonal stores.

Chilliman Chilli seeds are also sold in the Ramblas of Barcelona.

Mas Miró Biofarm is a Chilli Supplier for the northwest of Spain, and due to it’s geographical location can supply Andorra and southern France; cities include Barcelona, Lleida, Perpignan and Girona regions.

He supplies ribs & shout festival and supplies and a competition in Texas in the US called Chilli World.

Wholesale price > 100kgs – 8-12€ per kilo

Many varieties including Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, etc. etc. from all over the world; asia, mexico, caribbean.

Vegetables: Organic Tomatoes,

Fruits: Pomegranate, Lemon.

  • You can buy Chili seeds
  • You can buy them for home personal use

Large orders (over 100Kgs) please contact Ricard in advance of growing season (3 months)

  • You can also “pick your own” – any amount directly from the plants for just 6€ per kilo.
  • Stop by for a beer and pick up your veggies!
  • You can buy chilli seed here too in presentation pack 1 pack = 2€

Ricardo is building a greenhouse to be able to supply products all year round.

Biofarm Gallery

You can also come here to get the finest organically grown chillies and vegetables.